What is the best pressure washer of 2018?

If you had to clean the pool, remove the moss from walls or garden floors or wash the road from the garage, you have probably already thought about acquiring a high-pressure machine to facilitate these tasks. Check the best electric pressure washer and choose the one that best suits your needs and pocket.

How to use a pressure washer : A high-pressure washer is a machine created with a novel system that uses water jets at high pressure to clean different surfaces and places. These devices have recently arrived on the market to revolutionize it, as they are not just experts in terms of cleanliness, but because they include ingenious functions for garden lovers and almost any place in your home.

Types of best electric pressure washer : In the first instance, you will find electric models that are easy to manipulate; you just have to connect them to the nearest outlet and start using them. On the other hand, there are those that run on gasoline that must be handled by more professional personnel, because they require more care and maintenance. The latter is usually more difficult to handle and generate more noise.

Clothing : Before starting to use your best electric pressure washer , make sure you have the right clothes and shoes for it. It is recommended to have safety glasses and rubber boots for better protection of your feet. If you do not have boots you can use any footwear with a rubber sole to avoid slipping or falling on wet surfaces. As for clothing, you should wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts to protect yourself from debris and flying dirt.

Power : You must take into account that high-pressure cleaners work with a pressurized water system. Therefore, be very clear about the use you are going to take and take into account elements such as the engine, pressure and flow of your equipment, since they will depend a lot if you can adjust these characteristics to clean your car and/or motorcycle or if you can clean surfaces and walls that require more power.

Mobilization : Regardless of the dimensions and weight that your equipment may have, the ideal is that it is easy to move and handle for you. Related to this, those that work with gasoline are easy to mobilize, because they do not have extensive cables, but you must coexist with the fuel handling and the odours they generate. On the contrary, there are users who feel more comfortable with the plug system offered by those that work electrically.

Main characteristics explained of best electric pressure washer

Power : Pressure washing machines or high-pressure washers are very useful equipment in the home, allowing a more efficient, powerful and practical washing of cars, terraces, furniture, garages, among many other uses. As we can see, among the main characteristics of these devices is power.

The excellent power of this model makes it stand out from other high-pressure cleaners in its class. It has a maximum pressure capacity of 140 bars, in addition to a total power of 2100 watts, which gives it a great cleaning power, even to clean moss and mold embedded in floors and tiles, in addition to providing a flow of water powerful and wide-ranging, which gives it versatility and allows you to clean difficult access areas such as roofs, roofs, walls. It is definitely a team that offers excellent performance and great efficiency in its performance.

Versatility : Another aspect that makes this model stand out in any comparison of high-pressure cleaners is its great versatility since it allows you to clean almost any surface of your home, from floors and tiles, through walls and even roofs, terraces and roofs. Thanks to its hose of 8 meters length you can even use it in large spaces such as farms and workshops, or for more convenience in car washing, whatever its size.

It also includes a metal gun that can be rotated to change the angle of the water jet, and an additional lance for cleaning yards, with a detergent tank of 550 ml.


It is a very compact model, with dimensions of 37x33x75 cm, which allows you to store it more easily in your closet or garage. In addition, all accessories, including the lance, the hose and the gun are conveniently stored inside compartments in the machine, so it does not represent an additional use of space. It also includes a pair of wheels so you can move it easily while doing your work with it, with the additional help of its telescopic handle.

Karcher K 2 BASIC

Another of the world leaders as manufacturers of cleaning equipment is the German brand Karcher and the model K 2 Basic is another sample of the best cheap high-pressure cleaners that we have selected for you today. This best electric pressure washer cleaner is characterized by its flexibility and easy handling and has been designed for possible deep cleaning work on slabs or garden furniture, cleaning the outside of the car or bicycles, or washing garbage tanks.

It is equipped with a high-pressure hose 3 m long and a high-pressure gun with turbo nozzle that provides a powerful rotating jet with a flow rate of 360 l / h under a pressure of 110 bar. It has a connection adapter for 3/4 “irrigation hoses, an integrated water filter that protects the pump against dirt particles and a mechanism for the use of detergents. If your search is oriented towards cheaper high-pressure cleaners, this insurance option will interest you. This is the Karcher K 2 BASIC, and then we show you its pros and cons.

Pros of best electric pressure washer

Flexibility: It is a very flexible cleaner, easy to mobilize (can be carried with one hand) since it only weighs 4, 8 kg.

Turbo nozzle: Contains a high-pressure turbo nozzle that has a rotating jet to attack dirt that is harder to clean.

Security: It also has a security system that prevents activation by accident of the trigger and the turbo nozzle.

Detergent tank: Includes a special tank to place the detergent and make a cleaning more effective.

Filters: It has two special filters, one for water, and one for detergent, in this way waste is eliminated.