The professional makeup artist Sara Domi

One of the main uncertainties or insecurities of those who start in the exciting world of Professional Makeup is just how much to charge for a Professional Makeup by Sara Domi. Has it happened to you that just by thinking about a price for your professional makeup you yourself suggest yourself and you think it will be very expensive for your client’s pocket? Do not worry, it’s normal and it’s all happened to us in our beginnings.

Sara Domi take this opportunity to highlight the importance of the marketing and sales that we have to develop as make-up artists, it is not enough to know all the techniques and use the tools or have the best products in our bag, but we have clients and if we do not know how much to pay for a Makeup Professional, we will be throwing all our effort into the garbage. Let’s play a game to illustrate what happens with this topic. Imagine that someone has a glass of water half full, a homemade glass, of which you and we can have in our homes. How much would you be willing to pay for that glass of water? 5, 10, 20 dollars?

Surely no more than that, WE may even be exaggerating a lot with the price. Now, suppose, all in the form of a game, that you have been diagnosed with a disease and you only have 24 hours to live, but the cure for that you have is the water that is in that same crystal glass, tell me now, how much would you be willing to pay for the same liquid? 5 thousand, 10, thousand, 20 thousand dollars?

With the above, we want to say that the value of something is determined first by the need we have in front of X or Y product or service, in this case, your service as a Professional Make-up artist. If someone needs a Professional Makeup by Sara Domi for a wedding and you are the only one that offers the service 100 Kms around, surely you can charge whatever you want, but if in your same street there are 5 more makeup studios that are dedicated to you must think another strategy.

Here comes the fundamental factor that is the differentiation, now we talk about that.. How to determine the price we are going to charge for a makeup? There is a fairly simple first step, makeup as well as being an artist is a business and very profitable, and you must understand it as such. And if it is so profitable, that is why more and more people are dedicated to it.

Search among your local colleagues what are the rates that they handle for the professional makeup service by Sara Domi, from there make a relationship between what you are offering, what benefits you are giving the person and calculate your profit margin. Remember that it is a business and as such, it is IMPOSSIBLE to produce losses when so, there is something that is failing and must be identified quickly to change it. As we saw in the example above, people do not buy your services themselves; they buy the benefits you can give them with the Professional Make-up that you are going to make them.

What Sara DomiĀ gives?

This as a tip, do not sell the characteristics of your service, sell the benefits that your client will get when hiring. When a client tells you that what you offer is very expensive, it is not because she does not have the money, the excuse of the price is the easiest to say and we all have it at hand. When a client refers to your price as very high, it means that the value you are offering in your Professional Makeup service has not yet convinced her. When I refer to the value of the benefits that you are offering the person with your professional makeup service, I do not mean the price, EYE, they are two very different things.

How can I eliminate the fear of communicating the price to my clients? A very simple trick to tell your client when you are going to charge for the Professional Makeup is to maximize the benefit and divide the factors that determine the price, for example: If the person hires you for a wedding, (these values are a form of example)

Do not say: the price for that service is: 100 dollars.

I say: Products: 20 dollars, transportation: 20 dollars, assistant 25 dollars, and my services 50 dollars, in total 115 dollars, to round the price 100 dollars. (includes all the expenses you always have, but you do not need to tell them).

Doing price breakdown is very powerful for your client to know everything you are offering and what your service includes. If you can argue and show the benefit of each point by far much better! Example: products: 20 dollars, the products we use in our makeup studio and are top quality, brands like Bobbi Brown, Mac and Estee Lauder, which will make you look more beautiful and the finish will be more impactful and longer lasting. Applying discounts is a good option to attract clients and make them feel special.

It is also important that you first tell your client the benefits that you will receive from your service as a make-up artist, in our Professional Make-up by Sara Domi we teach it in depth, and finally, you communicate the price. When a price is said to dry, it will always sound COSTLY, however cheap it may be and no matter how much you have given discounts to what you are offering your client. Always give first the benefits of your makeup service, ask for it, discuss it and finally communicate the price.

Enter the price struggle, can lead to ruin in your professional makeup business, that is why you must differentiate yourself, you must be unique in what you offer and stand out from the other professionals that are around you, so the competition never It will be a problem, but on the contrary you will be able to establish strategic alliances of Sara DomiĀ for mutual support to boost your professional makeup endeavor.