How expensive is a German shepherd dog?

Are you one of those crazy dog lovers and would love to own a good breed of a German shepherd? These breed of dogs are the most popular ones in the world. But you don’t know how expensive is a German Shepherd dog well now that will depend on the breed of the German shepherd that you get and from where you get it. If you get really lucky you could get a German shepherd for free, but wait! That is a very rare case where in if the owners of the dog are moving out of the country or their kid is allergic to the dog that such a thing is likely to happen.

Adopting a German shepherd can be done from an animal shelter, at which a small fee will be charged – it could be less than $100 for animal shelters and $100 to $200 approximately for the rescue organizations. If you get yourself a German shepherd puppy from a breeder it usually cost you between $300 and $900. That will again depend if the dog is a normal German shepherd, a show dog or a working dog. If you consider getting an adult German shepherd who are show dogs or work dogs they will cost you nothing less than $7,000.

What are the qualities of the German Shepherds which makes them recognized and popular?

  • They are intelligent and courageous working dogs that one could own.
  • They are very energetic and strong.
  • They are one of the best breed of dogs in police and military services.
  • They are faithful and loyal companions.
  • They are also excellent herders and drug detectors.

Why is there a variation in the cost of a German shepherd?

The German Shepherds that you get from the animal shelters will cost relatively less because these organizations will charge you only the money that covers their costs. But the breeders will price their dogs based on the expense factors that will include the breeding, the training of the dog and the raising. The most expensive in the lot of German Shepherds will be the adult dogs who have proven themselves as show dogs.

Why should you consider on getting a German shepherd as your pet?

  • They are bigger breed of dogs and are also very powerful; it could easily scare off a thief that wants to enter your house with the ferocious looking eyes.
  • Comparatively less hairy as others dogs and his fur doesn’t shed.
  • Can get it adjusted to freezing temperatures.
  • They are very cool and calm, but just that they are big in size.
  • Can also handle warm climatic conditions.

The other breeds of dogs that look similar to the German Shepherds:

  • The Belgian Shepherds: The origin of these dogs is from Belgian and they are also known as the Belgian Sheepdog. These dogs are medium to large herding dogs. They are also quick learners and intelligent. They are energetic and also very strong. They are useful in search operations and tracking. They have a lifespan of 10 -14 years. These breed of dogs need a daily walk and exercise. They weigh around 20 -30 kg. They can be warm to kids if are well trained at an early age.
  • The King Shepherds: these are giant shepherd dogs, which are more powerful, muscular and bigger than German Shepherds. But when you compare their aggression, they tend to be less aggressive and are also intelligent and fast learners. They weigh around 34 – 68 kg. They have a lifespan of 10 – 11 years. They have weather resistant hair and are considered to be very loyal to their master.
  • The Dutch Shepherds: these are the herding dogs bred by the Dutch farmers and shepherds so that they adapt to the tough conditions. They are considered to be the best shepherd dogs. Their special qualities include guarding, obedience and agility. They are very protective about their owner and the family and are great and loyal companions too. If they are not well trained on regular basis then they can become stubborn. They weigh around 23 – 32 kg. They have a lifespan of 2 – 15 years.
  • The American Alsatian: these large American breed dogs look very similar to the German Shepherds. But they are much bigger and powerful compared to the German Shepherds and are considered to be great family companion dogs. Their weight is around 34 – 55 kg. The lifespan of the American Alsatian is 12 – 14 years. They have rough and long hair. They can very well adjust to the life of an apartment since they do not bark, dig or jump off the fences.
  • The Bohemian Shepherds: it is a medium sized dog. They are very similar to the German shepherds but are more friendly and less of aggressive in nature. They are less muscular as compared to a German shepherd. The cost of their maintenance is low and they also do not have any major health related issues. Their weight is around 16 – 25 kg. They have a long and thick fur with an undercoat.

The breeds of German shepherd dogs have various types which have their own origin and unique traits. Each type is respected equally for what is gets to the breed. All the types of the breed have various reasons for which they are unique for, either their appearance, temperament or their drives. The types of the breed are as follows:

  • American show lines
  • Canadian show lines
  • West German show lines
  • East German show lines
  • Czech working lines
  • Various mixes of the lines

When you are considering how expensive is a German Shepherd dog, you will have to see its type and from where you get it from. These dogs are considered to be moderately active. They also possess the quality of being curious. If they are not socialized properly they tend to get over possessive of their family. They are also highly intelligent and obedient. They require a good breeder, with a healthy diet and they should also be limited on the amount of rough play.