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Best Induction Cooktops – Made Simple for You

Induction cooking has revolutionized the cooking arena with hundreds of newer, more innovative induction cooktops being churned in to the market every other day. Companies such as Miele, Frigidare, Bosch and siemens, just to name a few are availing higher end products into the market at increasingly lower prices, thus ensuring that they are within reach of most common folks.

The big question now becomes how to differentiate products that are of truly great quality from the thousands of mediocre ones in the market. Most of the companies that manufacture these best induction cooktop companies are experts at marketing their products and can easily make an item sell thus give the consumer value for their money.

Based on detailed research to determine some of the best induction cooktops, some of the notable products included;

  1. Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 Induction Cooktop

Philips has always been at the forefront when it comes to excellence in manufacturing of electrical appliances. This 2100-watt premium induction cooktop is no exception. The Philips Viva HD4938/01 uses between 220-240 voltage to operate and can only be utilized with induction based cooking vessels and other cookware. It is preset with a 24-hour timer function to allow for delayed cooking. The touch sensitive sensor allows for easier use. The full glass panelling finish gives it a cool, sleek design and makes it easier to cook. The cooktop does not get heated and is cool to the touch even when in use thus making it safe for young children. The Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 Induction Cooktop has received rave reviews among users making it one of the highest rated best induction cooktop in the market currently

  1. Prestige PIC 12.0 Induction Cooktop

This is another product that combines efficiency and dependability with affordability thus enabling the ordinary person to enjoy the efficiencies of electromagnetic cooking without necessarily breaking the bank. The Prestige PIC 12.0 Induction Cooktop comes with 10 preset menus and an impressive well ventilated aerodynamic powered cooling system that prevents overheating and subsequent damage to the product. Dual sensors and voltage regulators that power on automatically further aid in preventing overheating. The design allows for easier cooking and is also easy to clean as particles cannot stick on the sides or on the inner parts is the case with some other products. A combination of all these features coupled with the relatively low price of Indian rupee 1965 on Amazon makes this product an obvious choice to be included in any list for best induction cooktop.

  1. HavellsInsta Cook PT Induction Cooktop

This is categorized as a product for the medium segment but still provides some of the most advanced features and specification in the market as compared to others in its category. The upside to this lower categorization, of course, is the lower price-tag. The HavellsInsta Cook PT Induction Cooktop comes with an automatic cookware  detection feature that enables it to power on and off if a pan is placed or removed from the cooktop, making it one of the best in terms of security and safety. The easy to use digital interface is enhanced by LED lights that enhances user experience and makes it a joy to cook using the product.

  1. Bajaj Majesty ICX 6 WOV Plus Induction Cooktop

Bajaj is another company that is punching far above its weight in terms of electric kitchen appliances and this 1600-Watt product is another pointer as to why they are considered not only segment but also market leaders in this sector. The Majesty ICX 6 cooktop comes with a warm feature that enables food to be kept warm. The auto cookware detection is enhanced to power on or off after one minute of cookware being placed or removed from the cooktop making it not necessary to have to power on repeatedly after every short period of inactivity.

From my research, I would recommend the Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 Induction Cooktop in terms of longevity and dependability based on user review and previous use though to acquire it, one must be prepared to fork out considerably more as compared to the other competitors. The product will however provide value for money through enhanced user experience.

The best induction cooktop shopper is obviously spoilt for choice on which product to buy. This article should act as a guiding light in choosing the best product to carter for one’s individual needs.

Get the most Elegant Pieces from Our online Furniture Shop

Furniture is every home’s pride and joy. It is the centerpiece that captures the attention of visitors and family members. When a room is well-furnished, it looks beautiful and classy. Besides, you can long to come back home to the comfort provided by your stylish furniture. If you want excellent furnishings, ensure that you purchase mid century modern furniture from us. We will ensure that you get a nice, elegant piece of furniture for every room. Our collections are so reliable and special that you will hardly struggle to get anything that would effortlessly alter the appearance of your home.

Our Mid-century modern dining chairs
Every home requires chairs that are meant for different uses. First, we sell dining chairs that could transform your dining space in an instant. Some of our chairs are already matched with dining tables. If you plan to buy both, make sure that you order our Tulip Table series. You will be able to select chairs that go well with the tables. We have chairs with a Finnish and American architecture — Executive Side Chair with wood legs. This one is ideal for the dining area and office use. Others include Tobia Dining Chairs, Cherner Side Chair and a lot more.

Our Mid-century Modern Dining Tables
Your dining room or space will look incomplete if it lacks a table that sticks out in terms of style. That’s why you should view our tables and ensure that you pick one of them for yourself. We have many tables and as we stated earlier, our Tulip Table series is the widest collection we have. It is a unique table series with a pedestal base and a round or oval top. The top is made of the loveliest materials on earth: marble, lacquer or walnut. The pedestal middle base is made of sturdy cast aluminum that can steadily support the base. Other table collections include Winston dining tables, Dana dining tables, Cyclone dining tables, Karel dining tables, Eiffel dining tables, Erik dining tables, Jonas dining tables, Sven dining tables and Marcus dining tables and so on. If you want to see the dining tables we have for you, visit us online.

Our Mid-century modern seating room furniture
These mostly include different kinds of chairs and sofas you can buy for different living spaces in your home. If you have an outdoor or indoor lounge space, we have tasteful lounge chairs in our collection. These come in different shapes, sizes, colors and level of elegance. They depict the works of certain mid-century woodworkers and are just simple pieces that could instantly transform your lounge area. Besides these, we sell elegant office chairs that are made with your body posture in mind. These office chairs have armrests and a very ergonomic design that could help you maintain a healthy posture.

We have different office chairs with a mid-century-modern design and we would advice you to come over and see what we have for you. If you run a bar or a restaurant, we have not left you out. We have bar stools and counter stools that could suit home uses as well. These look fashionable and stunning and are the kinds that could attract customers from a distance. We definitely have a wide collection of sofas that will suit a living room of any size. Our mid-century sofas are so ideal for smaller living spaces because of their compact design. As well, our sofas have a sectional design and they are upholstered with decorative fabrics. We as well have ottomans, benches, coffee tables, bookshelves and media consoles.

To see our mid century modern furniture, browse our product categories online. We are available for questioning and consultation too.

Why heavy duty crate is a must have for your dog

If you are a dog owner looking to get a heavy duty dog crate, you will find many crates that claim to be indestructible and escape proof. The prices range from a simple amount to thousands. Before you decide to take home the heavy duty dog crate, you should learn everything you can about the crate but the most important one is warranty given. The best manufacturers give 3 year warranty and if the dog is able to break the crate, then it has to be replaced. Know what it is used to make the crate; when steel is used, you have to make sure that it was welded at each place where the metals touch one another. The welded wire may be used at different panels but not at the bottom.

While buying the crate, you should remember that the gauge welded wire mesh is important if you want strength and durability. When the gauge is smaller, the wire will be larger. You can easily assemble it at your home. The gauge welded wire is more than just the steel hallows bars which are common with other crates. The crates can be knocked down to ensure the transport and for easy handling, travel and storage. The crate should be portable so that you can take the crate with you when you go outings or in vacation. The crate should be found in few pieces to make sure that they may get within the house and to assemble it inside.

When you have a dog, it can be an angel if you are at home but it will not be so if you leave. You can find one or even more things that you did not expect when you come back to your home. It can be damaged furniture, damaged carpet, a small dog crate taken to another place, the dog out of the crate while wagging its tail, chewed drywall, broken window, bloody dog because of trying to escape from a wire crate and others. When you have the heavy duty dog crate, it will not be a life saver only for you but also to the dog. There are no deaths that have been reported from it until now. When the chewer tries to break in the welded wire, he is not going to succeed. The heavy duty crate has a thick gauge and there will be no place left in the wire because it is welded in different places on the wire strands or at the steel frame.

The collapsible crate looks beautiful and they are simple. Different tabs are being provided and one at the door while the other one is at the crate frame. The tabs will have a hole and padlock and this is how it is simple but at the same time strong.

Something else to consider when it comes to buying the heavy duty dog crate is the type of the dog you have. There are some dog breeds that are powerful and they have strong jaws and they may gnaw and chew their way in the wood or some types of the metals when the opportunity is presented to them. One example is the Pitbull dog. Even if you have a dog with mild strength, it can use a weak point in the cage to go out. Dog owners decide to put the dogs into the crate when there is none to supervise them. This is why; a bored animal may try to escape.

You should invest into a heavy duty crate when you want to protect your possessions and furniture. When you use indestructible crate, it will save you enough money in the end. Another reason to buy the crate is to ensure that your dog does not escape. If you like to travel with your dog, then a tough crate will be requirement when it comes to travel with the plane.