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Best digestive enzymes

Enzymes are proteins that are involved in all metabolic reactions, both catalyzing them and accelerating them; these reactions are from the digestion of nutrients and the formation of other molecules. Best enzymes= digestive enzymes. No element, nor mineral, nor vitamin or hormone can perform any function in the body without the action of enzymes that is why they are so important in the overall health and well-being of the body. Thousands of years ago, humans discovered the magical force of nature that turns milk into cheese, flour into bread and grapes into wine. Although they did not know that enzymes were the mysterious force behind these transformations, they played a very important role in the emergence of civilization. Best enzymes were also used in the treatment of numerous diseases and ointments to heal wounds and superficial tumors. Thousands of years later, enzymes are the most important nutritional supplement with which to supplement the diet. Many consider enzymes as the spark of life. Enzymes are molecules made up of specialized proteins, vital for ALL the body’s biochemical processes, which depend on enzymes as catalysts: decomposition (hydrolyzation) and digestion of food, facilitating the absorption of nutrients, stimulating the brain, providing energy to the body, repair all tissues, organs, bones, maintain the immune system, etc. In fact, life, as we know it, would not exist without the action of best enzymes, even in the presence of sufficient amounts of water, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Without the action of enzymes, the body is unable to function normally, starting to degenerate immediately. It takes around 50,000 enzymes to perform all the processes that keep us alive. When digestive enzymes are ingested together with food, they contribute to the digestion of food, transforming it into the basic nutrients needed to build and repair different parts of the body. The lack of enzymes, fundamental in the digestive process, in the current diet is notorious, which causes all kinds of disorders, not only digestive. Enzymes are destroyed by heat (from 30ºC), therefore, all food cooked, processed or pasteurized, in the case of dairy products packaged juice, does not contain any enzyme. Only foods that are eaten raw contain enzymes, unless they have been sprayed or irradiated, processes that unfortunately are subjected to most fruits and vegetables to preserve them for longer, which makes them dead food. What leaves only organic fruits and vegetables as the only source of enzymes in the diet? On the other hand, less caloric foods contain fewer best enzymes than those with a high caloric value. So if you are following a diet that restricts the intake of calories, it is essential to supplement with digestive enzymes. If the amount of enzymes is not enough, the foods are not completely digested, which causes intestinal putrefaction, reduction of the beneficial bacterial flora and proliferation of pathogens, which results in slow and heavy digestion, bad breath, malnutrition, constipation, gas or heartburn, and obesity. Another common symptom of a lack of enzymes is stomach pain immediately after eating or even several hours later. Many obese people complain that they are always hungry, despite having eaten well. It is usually because of the amount of food they eat, they do not digest the nutrients due to lack of best enzymes that are the digestive enzymes, and the body generates the sensation of hunger due to the lack of nutrients.

Did you know that digestive problems are the most frequent cause of doctor visits?
One of the main causes of allergies occurs when nutrients that have not been completely metabolized during the digestive process pass from the intestine to the bloodstream, triggering allergy symptoms in the presence of foreign substances. Enzymes help dissolve immunocomplexes, the cause of inflammation that accompanies allergic reactions in affected organs or tissues.

What are digestive enzymes?
Enzymes are proteins that participate in the chemical reactions of the organism. They are produced endogenously, especially in the pancreas and other endocrine glands, and are present in raw foods. They pass through the digestive tract to break down food into its nutrients and then pass it into the blood. If the system of digestive enzymes does not work well there is a malabsorption of the nutrients that the body needs and nutrition are not optimal. In addition, if the food goes to the large intestine without being digested, the bacteria present in it ferment causing discomfort such as flatulence, bloating and diarrhea. We have a “pool” of enzymes, which with aging and disease are reduced. Also, when cooking food most of the enzymes are destroyed and all the work has to be done by our endocrine system. Regular supplementation with digestive enzymes relieves the work of our pancreas and the rest of the body.

What are the benefits of digestive enzymes?

  • Less indigestion and acidity
  • Less feeling of swelling and gas
  • Better digestion of dairy products
  • Fewer food allergies due to a better digestion of proteins
  • Digestive enzymes improve conditions of a hiatus hernia and ulcers

What digestive enzymes should I consume?
Proteases: including papain to aid in the digestion of proteins. Papain comes from papaya and is even used to tenderize meat.
Amylases: for the digestion of starches and carbohydrates.
Cellulase: to degrade cellulose fibers. Extracted from Aspergillus oryzae, it acts by degrading specific starch, glycogen, and polysaccharides.
Lactase: for the digestion of dairy products. It is extracted from yeast and fungi.
Bromelain: a proteolytic enzyme found in fresh pineapple (not enough to be consumed only with fruit). It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent since it inhibits the production of pain and inflammation-producing agents (prostaglandins).

If you want a digestive effect should be taken with meals if it is for anti-inflammatory purpose with an empty stomach. In general, best enzymes are taken with meals being in this case in capsule format. They provide ingest a wide range of enzymes of plant origin, which are able to digest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. There are preparations for vegans from fully vegetable sources that offer a high bioavailability. Admitting them also easily the digestive tract to be natural enzymes obtained from plants. Best enzymes are very resistant to degradation that causes the highly acidic conditions of the stomach.

Positive aspects of pneumatic tube system

No doubt hospital laboratory is a place of intense activity. Numerous samples arrive and analyzed on daily basis. In order to make the performance of laboratory use of pneumatic tube system is excellent. It takes some time to send sample to laboratory for analysis. This time duration depends on distance of laboratory and mode of transportation. In order to deliver the samples to laboratory fast you can use the pneumatic tube system with confidence. It offers large number of benefits but key advantages of pneumatic tube system are discussed below.

It offers accurate, immediate and fast transport of samples without any kind of time loss. The sample will cover the distance very fast without any change in quality. You can use variable transport speed and shock free transport option. There is no chance of contamination and damage to sample taken. Hence more safety is provided to sample in this transportation system. You can send the samples to various stations. Similarly you can also receive the samples from different stations. The multiple sending and receiving makes this transport system best. The use of pneumatic tube system is very simple and easy. You just need to insert sample in this system and turn on the machine. The sample will deliver to the target site within a short time period.

In case of any kind of emergency you can send the sample immediately. During cancer treatment samples are analyzed quickly to diagnose the type of cancer. The progress of operation depends on sample report. The use of pneumatic tube system does not take more time to deliver the samples to their target site. Hence you can receive the sample report fast. This mode of transportation can be used to transport blood samples, urine samples, tissue biopsies and rapid cuts. Hence the pneumatic tube system is reliable, efficient, fast and quick in performance. There is no chance of any kind of delay in this process. The surgeon and hospital staff receives the samples quicker to continue their work. The duration of operation will reduce with the help of this treatment. It is free of all types of risk factors.  Today pneumatic tube system is available in many countries across the globe. It is a source of best transportation for the blood samples. There is no chance of any kind of damage to blood sample taken. Hence most of the surgeons prefer to use this medical treatment.

Transportation of medicines is also vital in hospitals. Various drugs are very sensitive to any change in temperature. The pneumatic tube system allows you to send the medicines to wards and outpatient department. A central pharmacy can supply the medicines to different departments. It is a flawless and best process for the transportation of drugs. This transport mechanism is safe for the liquid drugs. More drugs can be supplied within a short time period. Hence the pneumatic tube system is very popular in the world for the transportation of samples. Therefore most of the surgeons love to use this kind of fast and reliable transportation of samples.