How expensive is a German shepherd dog?

Are you one of those crazy dog lovers and would love to own a good breed of a German shepherd? These breed of dogs are the most popular ones in the world. But you don’t know how expensive is a German Shepherd dog well now that will depend on the breed of the German shepherd that you get and from where you get it. If you get really lucky you could get a German shepherd for free, but wait! That is a very rare case where in if the owners of the dog are moving out of the country or their kid is allergic to the dog that such a thing is likely to happen.

Adopting a German shepherd can be done from an animal shelter, at which a small fee will be charged – it could be less than $100 for animal shelters and $100 to $200 approximately for the rescue organizations. If you get yourself a German shepherd puppy from a breeder it usually cost you between $300 and $900. That will again depend if the dog is a normal German shepherd, a show dog or a working dog. If you consider getting an adult German shepherd who are show dogs or work dogs they will cost you nothing less than $7,000.

What are the qualities of the German Shepherds which makes them recognized and popular?

  • They are intelligent and courageous working dogs that one could own.
  • They are very energetic and strong.
  • They are one of the best breed of dogs in police and military services.
  • They are faithful and loyal companions.
  • They are also excellent herders and drug detectors.

Why is there a variation in the cost of a German shepherd?

The German Shepherds that you get from the animal shelters will cost relatively less because these organizations will charge you only the money that covers their costs. But the breeders will price their dogs based on the expense factors that will include the breeding, the training of the dog and the raising. The most expensive in the lot of German Shepherds will be the adult dogs who have proven themselves as show dogs.

Why should you consider on getting a German shepherd as your pet?

  • They are bigger breed of dogs and are also very powerful; it could easily scare off a thief that wants to enter your house with the ferocious looking eyes.
  • Comparatively less hairy as others dogs and his fur doesn’t shed.
  • Can get it adjusted to freezing temperatures.
  • They are very cool and calm, but just that they are big in size.
  • Can also handle warm climatic conditions.

The other breeds of dogs that look similar to the German Shepherds:

  • The Belgian Shepherds: The origin of these dogs is from Belgian and they are also known as the Belgian Sheepdog. These dogs are medium to large herding dogs. They are also quick learners and intelligent. They are energetic and also very strong. They are useful in search operations and tracking. They have a lifespan of 10 -14 years. These breed of dogs need a daily walk and exercise. They weigh around 20 -30 kg. They can be warm to kids if are well trained at an early age.
  • The King Shepherds: these are giant shepherd dogs, which are more powerful, muscular and bigger than German Shepherds. But when you compare their aggression, they tend to be less aggressive and are also intelligent and fast learners. They weigh around 34 – 68 kg. They have a lifespan of 10 – 11 years. They have weather resistant hair and are considered to be very loyal to their master.
  • The Dutch Shepherds: these are the herding dogs bred by the Dutch farmers and shepherds so that they adapt to the tough conditions. They are considered to be the best shepherd dogs. Their special qualities include guarding, obedience and agility. They are very protective about their owner and the family and are great and loyal companions too. If they are not well trained on regular basis then they can become stubborn. They weigh around 23 – 32 kg. They have a lifespan of 2 – 15 years.
  • The American Alsatian: these large American breed dogs look very similar to the German Shepherds. But they are much bigger and powerful compared to the German Shepherds and are considered to be great family companion dogs. Their weight is around 34 – 55 kg. The lifespan of the American Alsatian is 12 – 14 years. They have rough and long hair. They can very well adjust to the life of an apartment since they do not bark, dig or jump off the fences.
  • The Bohemian Shepherds: it is a medium sized dog. They are very similar to the German shepherds but are more friendly and less of aggressive in nature. They are less muscular as compared to a German shepherd. The cost of their maintenance is low and they also do not have any major health related issues. Their weight is around 16 – 25 kg. They have a long and thick fur with an undercoat.

The breeds of German shepherd dogs have various types which have their own origin and unique traits. Each type is respected equally for what is gets to the breed. All the types of the breed have various reasons for which they are unique for, either their appearance, temperament or their drives. The types of the breed are as follows:

  • American show lines
  • Canadian show lines
  • West German show lines
  • East German show lines
  • Czech working lines
  • Various mixes of the lines

When you are considering how expensive is a German Shepherd dog, you will have to see its type and from where you get it from. These dogs are considered to be moderately active. They also possess the quality of being curious. If they are not socialized properly they tend to get over possessive of their family. They are also highly intelligent and obedient. They require a good breeder, with a healthy diet and they should also be limited on the amount of rough play.

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What is the need for having instant cash available with you at all times?

Cash is the simplest form of money that exists in the real world and can be used anywhere and for any purpose. The reasons why you should necessarily have cash on you in person are:

  • Convenience of payment: cash is that form of money that is most transparent in transactional nature. You pay, you buy. It is as simple as that. The ease of payment and specificity that transactions using cash are carried out is not at all possible with other modes of payment
  • Fraud: Cash restricts fraud to a larger extent as compared to digital and other modes of payment. Although, cash can be stolen from you but still, no one is going to dupe you of cash. The amount of cash that goes out of your pocket is the amount your hand deals in
  • Economic turmoil: the economic or financial crisis is one of the most unexpected events that can take place in the society. In such conditions ATMs stop working, there is no more flow of money from financial institutions or banks to the market leaving people without money. But, if you already have cash stacked up there is no need for you to worry at all. Let the world doom, if you have cash by your side you can sit back and relax
  • Unavailability of vending machines: the unavailability of ATMS or cash vending machines leads to a plethora of problems which puts you in a situation where you do not have cash and are unable to take care of your needs
  • Transaction and money transfer limit: the rule made by many governments creates a hindrance for people at multiple occasions. The inability to withdraw money above a certain limit puts people in a situation where they cannot pay an amount that maybe above the limit. Thus, leading to problems. This is why it is imperative to have ample amount of cash with you

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How to Apply For Singapore Instant Cash Loans in an Easy Way?

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Looking for the law education – the best one?

In the last time, the Law School has been proposed provide both students and their graduates, biggest and best practices to provide them with a hierarchy level when going out to compete in the professional world tools. The introduction and presentation of the conference was in charge of the Director of the Master of Law, who detailed some of the motivations that led to think about the organization of this activity. “Lawyers have to solve problems and, often, for that they have to organize a small company,” he explained to those present. In this sense, Sola said that from the Master’s program they try to instill in graduates basic knowledge in economics and the market to understand what problems they will have to deal with later in the profession. “It’s something like an MBA for lawyers, see!

Different branches of Law:

Every good lawyer must have a great knowledge of the rules that regulate society. Therefore, they should study various branches of law: civil law, criminal law, tax law, procedural law, administrative law, constitutional law, international law, labor law, among others.

Motivations to study Lawyer:

One of the main reasons why many young people decide to be lawyers is because they want to enforce their rights, those of their relatives and friends. In addition, knowing the laws avoid committing legal and economic problems, because they will have real knowledge about what their rights are and which ones correspond to others, as well as they will know what their duties and those of others are. Another very important reason why you should study law , despite the large number of lawyers around the world, is because it is a profession that can be exercised in various areas: in your own law firm, in a study shared with other lawyers, in the public administration, in companies or organizations (as labor, administrative, judicial, fiscal and management consultant).

Job opportunities for Lawyers:

The lawyers can also serve as university professors, working in NGOs, financial institutions, etc. Currently, lawyers are specializing in new branches such as, for example, Environmental Law. is a good option to study Law , because it is a profession that will always be sued, for many reasons, but above all because to err is human and in every society there will be people who attempt against the rights of others, who will need to be defended or represented by one lawyer.

In addition, lawyers who perform independently to resolve various cases have the advantage of setting their own fees. “There are too many lawyers! Why do not you study something else? ” Surely you have heard this if you said that you want to study law. Yes, many decide to study this career for different reasons, either for money, for prestige, because their parents are or were lawyers or, well, because they like it. However, the future is not as daunting as they paint it. Right is one of the careers with more job opportunities at present, because for any procedure, quite possibly, we will need a lawyer. See!

Being a lawyer can lead you to earn a lot of money, but for this you must be an expert in the area in which you want to work. It is a race that involves a lot of discipline and in which there is a lot of competition, so you will have to put it if you want to succeed in the field. For this reason, your main reason for studying law should be passion, because you love learning how our social and political reality works. After all, the world is governed by laws; and you have to be interested in learning them.

Why study law at

Maybe you will not go to become the wealthiest person in the world (or yes, why not?), But here we mention some of the advantages you will have to become a lawyer:

  • You will acquire a lot of knowledge about general culture and about legal processes. This will help you open your mind and see the world from another perspective.
  • Being a lawyer will give you an advantage in the fight for the protection of the rights of other people. This implies that you will have to have full knowledge of the current rules, so you must be constantly learning, more in this world that evolves so quickly.
  • Procedures, procedures, procedures! Saving a relative in distress, getting married, fines, registering a trademark, logos, patents, copyrights and even death, all involve a series of paperwork that you can perform yourself. You will have all the necessary knowledge to start new businesses and carry out all the legal procedures that this entails.
  • Numerous job options! This race has so many branches, that you will have many open doors if it is work (some more than others, of course), either as a collaborator or as an independent.
  • You will become a more cultured person, because you will have to read a lot during your academic life and after it. Therefore, your vocabulary will be extended and you will always have something to talk about. It is true that you will need help from your memory during your study, but currently the ability to reason and relate theory to practice is more valued, so do not worry.

What are the areas in which this discipline is divided?

Like the rest of the races, you will have the option to specialize in a specific area. The ones we will tell you are just some of them so that you can get an idea of ​​the diversity that exists in regards to law:

  • Civil Law: regulates relations between individuals, ie all types of personal procedures.
  • Commercial Law: is responsible for regulating all commercial activity.
  • Constitutional Law: studies all the laws of a State and the form of organization of the powers of the State.
  • Administrative Law: is responsible for the set of rules governing the operation of the Administrative Power in particular.
  • Criminal and Procedural Law: regulate the criminal behavior of people before the courts of justice.
  • Labor Law: mediates between employers’ relationships with their employees and worker protection.

Studying Law requires effort, hours of reading, work and other activities that demand academic life. Also, remember that the study does not end in college, so you need to feel love for your career; in this way, your work life will also be more enjoyable.

What to do to end up with best Photos

Everyone wants to have the best memories of their wedding ceremony. A wedding ceremony comprises of many activities and no one wants to forget about including, the kissing, teasing, bride shading tears when the parents are handing her over as well as cake cutting session to mention but a few. This is why me memories are best kept in form of San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photos. To achieve the best photos, the following tips have to be considered;

Do not allow your uncle or brother in charge of the photos. This is because the batteries, memory cards and the lighting equipment can fail in the middle of the ceremony thus unable to take the photos. They do not have the experience and the expertise to take the best wedding photos and edit them properly. As a result, find a reputable professional photographer to be in charge of the photography. Keep in mind that there are many professionals out there who claim that they are the right ones, beware of them and take your time to choose a highly reputable one to work on your wedding photos. You can opt for recommendations from your neighbors, relative and friends. Also filter your search to wedding photography so that you find a professional who understands your needs.

When planning your wedding, pay attention on your wedding season. This is because weather conditions can directly affect the quality of your photos. As a matter of fact, all photographers will tell you that good lighting influences the quality of your wedding photos. Proper timing for photo shoot is very important. Even though most professional employ lighting equipment in the recent past, it is still important to make use of a natural lighting for perfect photos. How about planning your wedding during summer and not winter as you will be entitled to prolonged period of lighting? In case the wedding has to be done during winter, consider organizing your photo shooting early enough so that the use of natural light is maximized. Even though most wedding ceremonies have their photos after the ceremonies, having some in the morning before the ceremony will not cost your day right?

Everyone wants their wedding photos to be as beautiful as possible. As a result, it is advisable that they hire an experienced makeup artist. Make good use of a professional makeup artist in order to achieve best wedding photos. On one viewpoint, for the photos to look good, you as a person must look beautiful. In simple reality, if you don’t wear good makeup, even with high-tech cameras the photos will not look good. Also remember your bridal team not only you. They should also wear makeup and look as astonishing as possible for the photos as well.

For the photographers to achieve the best San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photos, they need time. This means that you have to create enough time for photo shooting. Can you imagine consuming the best part of your time on other activities only to remember your wedding photos in the evening? Be sure that you will not achieve the best photos. You should have a range of position when taking photos, the photographer will also want to employ a range of styles in your photos for best results, do not hurry. You can also consider group photos where you take shots with your parents, friends, relatives and your bridal team.

Come with High-End Equipments

Professional and best wedding photographers are totally familiar with advanced camera as well as other advanced devices that capture of pictures in the precise way. Furthermore, they make use of some backup equipments to avoid any failures or uncertainties during an event. Ranging from camera stand and battery chargers to needed tools that they enjoy right access to extra accessories, lights and lenses that might need at a time of capturing the photos. They have everything to make your photos look good, You will be able to enjoy them in the years to come.

Standard Works & Time Flow

With the relevant experience, experts will deal with all noted possibilities of a wedding day and comparison to other non-professional wedding photographers, they will deal with any type of the situation or deliver the standard work. Furthermore, these professionals are quite efficient to make the best use of the timing as well as flow for the image capturing. They will capture some beautiful pictures in the systematic way that will feature different human emotions with laughter and spontaneity.

In the aforesaid, there is no doubt that a person only ends up with the best San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photos if they are willing to high experienced professionals, plan properly and create enough time for your photos.

What is the best pressure washer of 2018?

If you had to clean the pool, remove the moss from walls or garden floors or wash the road from the garage, you have probably already thought about acquiring a high-pressure machine to facilitate these tasks. Check the best electric pressure washer and choose the one that best suits your needs and pocket.

How to use a pressure washer : A high-pressure washer is a machine created with a novel system that uses water jets at high pressure to clean different surfaces and places. These devices have recently arrived on the market to revolutionize it, as they are not just experts in terms of cleanliness, but because they include ingenious functions for garden lovers and almost any place in your home.

Types of best electric pressure washer : In the first instance, you will find electric models that are easy to manipulate; you just have to connect them to the nearest outlet and start using them. On the other hand, there are those that run on gasoline that must be handled by more professional personnel, because they require more care and maintenance. The latter is usually more difficult to handle and generate more noise.

Clothing : Before starting to use your best electric pressure washer , make sure you have the right clothes and shoes for it. It is recommended to have safety glasses and rubber boots for better protection of your feet. If you do not have boots you can use any footwear with a rubber sole to avoid slipping or falling on wet surfaces. As for clothing, you should wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts to protect yourself from debris and flying dirt.

Power : You must take into account that high-pressure cleaners work with a pressurized water system. Therefore, be very clear about the use you are going to take and take into account elements such as the engine, pressure and flow of your equipment, since they will depend a lot if you can adjust these characteristics to clean your car and/or motorcycle or if you can clean surfaces and walls that require more power.

Mobilization : Regardless of the dimensions and weight that your equipment may have, the ideal is that it is easy to move and handle for you. Related to this, those that work with gasoline are easy to mobilize, because they do not have extensive cables, but you must coexist with the fuel handling and the odours they generate. On the contrary, there are users who feel more comfortable with the plug system offered by those that work electrically.

Main characteristics explained of best electric pressure washer

Power : Pressure washing machines or high-pressure washers are very useful equipment in the home, allowing a more efficient, powerful and practical washing of cars, terraces, furniture, garages, among many other uses. As we can see, among the main characteristics of these devices is power.

The excellent power of this model makes it stand out from other high-pressure cleaners in its class. It has a maximum pressure capacity of 140 bars, in addition to a total power of 2100 watts, which gives it a great cleaning power, even to clean moss and mold embedded in floors and tiles, in addition to providing a flow of water powerful and wide-ranging, which gives it versatility and allows you to clean difficult access areas such as roofs, roofs, walls. It is definitely a team that offers excellent performance and great efficiency in its performance.

Versatility : Another aspect that makes this model stand out in any comparison of high-pressure cleaners is its great versatility since it allows you to clean almost any surface of your home, from floors and tiles, through walls and even roofs, terraces and roofs. Thanks to its hose of 8 meters length you can even use it in large spaces such as farms and workshops, or for more convenience in car washing, whatever its size.

It also includes a metal gun that can be rotated to change the angle of the water jet, and an additional lance for cleaning yards, with a detergent tank of 550 ml.


It is a very compact model, with dimensions of 37x33x75 cm, which allows you to store it more easily in your closet or garage. In addition, all accessories, including the lance, the hose and the gun are conveniently stored inside compartments in the machine, so it does not represent an additional use of space. It also includes a pair of wheels so you can move it easily while doing your work with it, with the additional help of its telescopic handle.

Karcher K 2 BASIC

Another of the world leaders as manufacturers of cleaning equipment is the German brand Karcher and the model K 2 Basic is another sample of the best cheap high-pressure cleaners that we have selected for you today. This best electric pressure washer cleaner is characterized by its flexibility and easy handling and has been designed for possible deep cleaning work on slabs or garden furniture, cleaning the outside of the car or bicycles, or washing garbage tanks.

It is equipped with a high-pressure hose 3 m long and a high-pressure gun with turbo nozzle that provides a powerful rotating jet with a flow rate of 360 l / h under a pressure of 110 bar. It has a connection adapter for 3/4 “irrigation hoses, an integrated water filter that protects the pump against dirt particles and a mechanism for the use of detergents. If your search is oriented towards cheaper high-pressure cleaners, this insurance option will interest you. This is the Karcher K 2 BASIC, and then we show you its pros and cons.

Pros of best electric pressure washer

Flexibility: It is a very flexible cleaner, easy to mobilize (can be carried with one hand) since it only weighs 4, 8 kg.

Turbo nozzle: Contains a high-pressure turbo nozzle that has a rotating jet to attack dirt that is harder to clean.

Security: It also has a security system that prevents activation by accident of the trigger and the turbo nozzle.

Detergent tank: Includes a special tank to place the detergent and make a cleaning more effective.

Filters: It has two special filters, one for water, and one for detergent, in this way waste is eliminated.

Honeysuckle tea and its medicinal properties

The honeysuckle tea or fragrant (Lonicera caprifolium), is a vigorous climber that belongs to the genus Lonicera. Regarding its medicinal properties of honeysuckle tea, the honeysuckle bark and leaves have detoxifying effects, are diuretic and sudorific, astringent, healing and, in higher doses, emetic. The red-orange berries, on the other hand, are quite poisonous. They produce drowsiness; and, as in the case of belladonna poisoning, they dilate the pupils. The old Dioscorides, the “Greek father of phytotherapy”, prescribed honeysuckle seeds for spleen disorders, fatigue and shortness of breath.

(Linnaeus), the founder of modern plant taxonomy, gave the genus the name of Lonicera in honor of the Frankfurt physician Adam Lonitzer, called Lonicerus (1528-1586), who praised the virtues of honeysuckle and recommended his use in cases of «dense and bloody urine», and renal, splenic and hepatic disorders. With the flowers of the honeysuckle, the herbalists of Myddfai made syrup that they used for colds, coughs, and asthma, rheumatism and liver disorders. The Welsh continue to eat raw flowers for the same purpose in summer. With the crust prepare a tisane that is effective against inflammation of the lymph nodes and mumps.

The honeysuckle of white flower (Lonicera japonica), besides being one of the most important remedies of traditional Chinese medicine (figure in the classic Pen Ts’ao of Shen Nung, from 3000 BC) is also one of modern scientific herbal medicine. It is successfully used in laryngeal, pharyngeal inflammations, respiratory tract infections, dysentery, internal infections, cancer, rheumatism, hepatitis, mumps and numerous other diseases. For febrile states, the Chinese turn to the honeysuckle flowers like us with aspirin. Due to its detoxifying action, fresh honeysuckle buds are eaten in China to treat mushroom poisoning.

Chinese pharmacists collect the flowers in summer, in the morning, after the dew has dried, and let them dry in the shade; The leaves and stems, on the other hand, are collected and dried in full sun. In China, they take advantage of the benefits of honeysuckle for the treatment of colds and flu once the acute phase of the process has been reached. The febrifuge and expectorant properties of honeysuckle are an excellent complement to the initial treatment with ginger, mucolytic and anti-inflammatory. Also the honeysuckle tea is the best!

In addition, honeysuckle tea presents antiseptic properties at a general level and balsamic at the level of the respiratory system. These medicinal properties of honeysuckle are complemented by their content in carvacrol and luteolin, antitussive agents. Honeysuckle tea also protects the liver, due to its diuretic and detoxifying properties it is of great help in cases of gout and arthritis, the flower tea is taken against insomnia and anxiety, but it can also be used to heal small wounds by applying it externally.

How to prepare an infusion of honeysuckle tea

Are you looking for new flavours for your infusions? Surely you will love the mother jungle. In addition, it is a drink with high medicinal content, which can help you prevent diseases. In this article, you will know how it is prepared and the benefits it can offer you. Do not miss it!

Characteristics of the plant honeysuckle

It is very probable that you have grown it in your house in some occasion since the honeysuckle plant is very popular as an ornamental garden plant, valued above all for its perfumed flowers. Perhaps you know it by one of its other common names: Jin Hua yin or loniceraça or perfumed honeysuckle, although its scientific name is Lonicera periclymenum. The honeysuckle plant belongs to a family consisting of approximately 200 species of which three are recognized for their medicinal benefits: the Lonicera caprifolium is one of them. In case you did not know, I tell you that honeysuckle has been used by Chinese since ancient times and is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs of Chinese herbalism.

They used the infusion prepared with their flowers, to lower fever, treat colds and flu, inflammations of the skin, gastrointestinal disorders, as well as the pain of rheumatism. Do not you know how the honeysuckle tea is prepared? Take note of the following steps.

How to prepare an infusion of honeysuckle tea

To prepare this delicious drink you will need:


  • 2 cups of honeysuckle flowers
  • 2 cups of water


  • Take the newest flowers, the ones that are newly opened. Put them in a teapot.
  • Heat 3 cups of water until it boils and pours over the flowers.
  • Let stand for 15 minutes. Slowly strain and drink to enjoy its delicious aroma and flavour.

You can also drink the infusion of honeysuckle cold flower. To do this, let it stand for 2 hours at room temperature and then take it to the refrigerator overnight. The next day, you’ll be ready to serve it with ice accompanied with a sprig of mint. The honeysuckle tea is one of the most delicious flower teas, is pale yellow in colour and has a mild aroma and a very sweet flavour. For this reason, we recommend that you do not sweeten it before trying it. You may want to add a few drops of lemon if you do not like very sweet flower tea. Drink one or two cups of this infusion daily to get your health benefits.

Therapeutic benefits of the infusion of mother jungle flower

Apparently, its benefits are related to its rich content of nutrients, which includes vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres, carbohydrates and powerful antioxidants.

The honeysuckle tea of mother jungle can help you:

  • Treat and eliminate colds and flu.
  • Lower the fever.
  • Control asthma
  • Rest the legs and prevent varicose veins.
  • Stop diarrhoea and prevent constipation.
  • Eliminate skin infections.

Toxicity of the Honeysuckle

The medicinal properties of honeysuckle vary depending on the part of the plant used, as well as the level of toxicity of the same. Thus, while the flowers are a little toxic part and can be consumed in the form of tea even to delight in their flavour, the leaves and stems of the plant need to be careful with the doses used.

The professional makeup artist Sara Domi

One of the main uncertainties or insecurities of those who start in the exciting world of Professional Makeup is just how much to charge for a Professional Makeup by Sara Domi. Has it happened to you that just by thinking about a price for your professional makeup you yourself suggest yourself and you think it will be very expensive for your client’s pocket? Do not worry, it’s normal and it’s all happened to us in our beginnings.

Sara Domi take this opportunity to highlight the importance of the marketing and sales that we have to develop as make-up artists, it is not enough to know all the techniques and use the tools or have the best products in our bag, but we have clients and if we do not know how much to pay for a Makeup Professional, we will be throwing all our effort into the garbage. Let’s play a game to illustrate what happens with this topic. Imagine that someone has a glass of water half full, a homemade glass, of which you and we can have in our homes. How much would you be willing to pay for that glass of water? 5, 10, 20 dollars?

Surely no more than that, WE may even be exaggerating a lot with the price. Now, suppose, all in the form of a game, that you have been diagnosed with a disease and you only have 24 hours to live, but the cure for that you have is the water that is in that same crystal glass, tell me now, how much would you be willing to pay for the same liquid? 5 thousand, 10, thousand, 20 thousand dollars?

With the above, we want to say that the value of something is determined first by the need we have in front of X or Y product or service, in this case, your service as a Professional Make-up artist. If someone needs a Professional Makeup by Sara Domi for a wedding and you are the only one that offers the service 100 Kms around, surely you can charge whatever you want, but if in your same street there are 5 more makeup studios that are dedicated to you must think another strategy.

Here comes the fundamental factor that is the differentiation, now we talk about that.. How to determine the price we are going to charge for a makeup? There is a fairly simple first step, makeup as well as being an artist is a business and very profitable, and you must understand it as such. And if it is so profitable, that is why more and more people are dedicated to it.

Search among your local colleagues what are the rates that they handle for the professional makeup service by Sara Domi, from there make a relationship between what you are offering, what benefits you are giving the person and calculate your profit margin. Remember that it is a business and as such, it is IMPOSSIBLE to produce losses when so, there is something that is failing and must be identified quickly to change it. As we saw in the example above, people do not buy your services themselves; they buy the benefits you can give them with the Professional Make-up that you are going to make them.

What Sara Domi gives?

This as a tip, do not sell the characteristics of your service, sell the benefits that your client will get when hiring. When a client tells you that what you offer is very expensive, it is not because she does not have the money, the excuse of the price is the easiest to say and we all have it at hand. When a client refers to your price as very high, it means that the value you are offering in your Professional Makeup service has not yet convinced her. When I refer to the value of the benefits that you are offering the person with your professional makeup service, I do not mean the price, EYE, they are two very different things.

How can I eliminate the fear of communicating the price to my clients? A very simple trick to tell your client when you are going to charge for the Professional Makeup is to maximize the benefit and divide the factors that determine the price, for example: If the person hires you for a wedding, (these values are a form of example)

Do not say: the price for that service is: 100 dollars.

I say: Products: 20 dollars, transportation: 20 dollars, assistant 25 dollars, and my services 50 dollars, in total 115 dollars, to round the price 100 dollars. (includes all the expenses you always have, but you do not need to tell them).

Doing price breakdown is very powerful for your client to know everything you are offering and what your service includes. If you can argue and show the benefit of each point by far much better! Example: products: 20 dollars, the products we use in our makeup studio and are top quality, brands like Bobbi Brown, Mac and Estee Lauder, which will make you look more beautiful and the finish will be more impactful and longer lasting. Applying discounts is a good option to attract clients and make them feel special.

It is also important that you first tell your client the benefits that you will receive from your service as a make-up artist, in our Professional Make-up by Sara Domi we teach it in depth, and finally, you communicate the price. When a price is said to dry, it will always sound COSTLY, however cheap it may be and no matter how much you have given discounts to what you are offering your client. Always give first the benefits of your makeup service, ask for it, discuss it and finally communicate the price.

Enter the price struggle, can lead to ruin in your professional makeup business, that is why you must differentiate yourself, you must be unique in what you offer and stand out from the other professionals that are around you, so the competition never It will be a problem, but on the contrary you will be able to establish strategic alliances of Sara Domi for mutual support to boost your professional makeup endeavor.